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CSC is a collaboration of spa industry experts and associate partners. The associate partners represent professionals in architecture, interior design, hotel operations, public relations, graphic design, and Web site development

CSC’s unique business approach allows clients to have access to resources that greatly benefit their project, while allowing the autonomy to work with only those associates of their choosing. Whether you have already selected certain development specialists, or are seeking experts in specific areas, the CSC team is happy to offer their services individually or collectively.

With more than 70 years combined experience and track records of leading “Top Ten” spas, CSC spa consultants are experienced in both development and the hands-on operations of a wellness business. As frequent spa consumers, we regularly travel the globe seeking out new experiences. Our spa wanderlust gives us priceless insight to the development of unique, profitable, and operationally-sound businesses.

As longtime industry players, we have all been previous operators and service providers. We have inside knowledge of how to run an effective daily operation, including hiring, training, managing, mentoring and motivating staff. Because of this background, we guide clients from due diligence to development and design and onto ground breaking, grand opening and beyond.


CSC specializes in all aspects of new development and ongoing spa operations. We offer clients a one-stop-source for proven and trusted professionals. We understand that our reputation is built on your success.

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CSC takes a unique systematic approach to business. We have found that the most successful spas are those built on solid concepts that will lead to a solid brand. These spas are not only unique, inviting and marketable, though operationally efficient as well.

To develop a spa concept, CSC hunts and gathers information. Armed with our client’s vision, values and philosophies; knowledge of the target market and competition; extensive operational “hands on” experience; global industry trends; and a great deal of creativity, savvy and style; CSC analyzes the data to craft a solid brand concept driven by profit potential.

To build a strong spa brand, CSC uses design, sales and marketing collateral; web presence; product and service offerings; employee image and culture; coupled with exceptional service standards; as tools toward communicating the overall concept. Through incorporating elements of sight, touch, taste, smell and sound, CSC is committed to working hand-in-hand with clients to create a strong brand image that offers a complete sensory experience.

To run a successful spa business, CSC’s consultants draw from years of experience leading top spas. From the inside out, we analyze your business to identify areas of weakness. We develop a plan of action to get your business on track to success.





















































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